EDRA – Eastern Dandenong Ranges Association


The Eastern Dandenong Ranges Association (EDRA) was formed in 2014 to auspice two existing business groups, the Emerald Business Group and the Gembrook Business Group. A brand identity, Eastern Dandenong Ranges Business & Tourism (EDRBT) was established for the district and is the umbrella brand that represents our district as a whole. The Emerald Business Group & the Gembrook Business Group help manage the local websites as subcommittees of EDRBT. Eastern Dandenong Ranges Business & Tourism manages the administration of all memberships under the Eastern Dandenong Ranges Association.

EDRA is also the key website resource for our local community and visitors to the Eastern Dandenong Ranges. Here they can access information on our local businesses, community groups and clubs, accommodation, retail, hospitality and tourism, events and attractions that represents our whole district. Our websites also extend greater promotion of local business. You can also help to develop promotions, experiences/attractions and networking opportunities by electing to be on a general subcommittee in your township. Together we can demonstrate and promote the breadth and diversity of our region and what sets us apart from the foothills and hilltop villages in the Dandenong Ranges.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member visit: www.easterndandenongranges.com/membership


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