Springfern Farm
Springfern Farm is an Egg farm in Cockatoo that provides raised free range eggs to our local supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. Visit their Facebook page for farm gate and local market sales. 0417 896 662 facebook email


Farm Shed - Farmers Sell Produce

AGG Farm Shed
AGG sell local farm fresh and certified organic produce, and dried goods direct to the public. Here you will find everything you need in your grocery shop and more. Open Monday through to Thursday from 9am till 5pm, and Saturdays 9am – 2pm. Located at: 574 Woori Yallock Rd, Cockatoo. Telephone: 5968 9510


Fielderberry Farm - Farmers Sell Produce

Fielderberry Farm
Fielderberry Farm is a 5 acre U pick Berry Farm in Cockatoo township. The farm is open seasonally from November through to May each year where you can pick a variety of fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries straight from the bush. Their farm is open for business Thursday to Sunday from 9am – 5pm starting in December. If you would like more details, current hours and information for your visit contact Trevor or Melissa on mobile: 0409 846 419.

Farm Gate - Naomi Creek - Farmers Sell Produce

Farm Gates – Where Farmers Sell Produce Direct
Local fresh produce is in incredible abundance throughout the Eastern Dandenong Ranges due to our great growing conditions, climate and soil. You’ll find berry farms, flower farms, vegetable and plant farms and homemade goods available during various different times of the year.

Buying direct from the farm or growers, where farmers sell produce, has so many benefits. Including freshness, flavour, increased nutrients. Plus you will know exactly where your food has come from and can have more confidence that your produce doesn’t include any nasty’s. Did you also know it reduces your food mileage and the packaging your food comes in? Why not make a visit out to the Hills this week to buy your groceries and you can find out for yourself. We are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with all the choice!

We think buying organic fresh produce isn’t just a fad or for health nuts it’s for everyone and just better all round.