Mobile Farmyard learning experiences in Melbourne

Animals on the Move

Animals On The Moves is a Mobile Farmyard plus so much more. They provide Animal Learning experiences, Animal Care Programs and Educational Pet Parties where they bring their healthy animals and reptiles to the community – young and old. Their foundation and focus is to increase children’s appreciation and awareness of animals.

Since the year 1995, Animals On The Move have allowed children the opportunity to individually interact with Farmyard Nursery Animals and also educate them on how chickens and rabbits grow, as well as, how to milk a cow and how to make butter. Simply put, we provide a hands-on, fun & educational experience that children (and adults) love and remember.

Their multi-award winning mobile farmyard animal encounters aim to stimulate, nourish and promote a child’s love for all creatures and the environment.  Each animal care program is unique and purposefully designed to encourage a caring and nurturing approach towards animals and pets in our communities and in the wild.

With eight Mobile Animal Nurseries already operating in Melbourne, their business has a strong and highly regarded presence in the marketplace. From the feedback we’ve had over the years, here are some of the reasons we are welcomed and enjoyed by the community. For more: 1300 760 354